Create memorable video or photo invitations with wish me™

Celebrating a birthday? wish me™ helps you share personal video invitations with your family & friends. 

capture and celebrate the moments that matter with wish me™

eco-conscious party
birthday party

Would you like to receive greetings & wishes that are personal ? Download wish me™ to find out how...

Your guests can now send you video wishes for your party – helping you create memories for your child to watch when they grow up. Grandparents love this! 



Personal Invitations & Wishes

Send memorable video invitations and receive meaningful wishes and gifts that you will treasure forever.



Easy Gifting

Take the stress out of giving and receiving gifts. It’s easy to set up your wish-list and help your guests choose the perfect gift for you.



Convenient Shopping

It’s now possible to receive, store and spend your gift cards from the wish me™ app. Spending your gift cards has never been this easy!

Create your wish-list for easy & manageable gifting for you & your guests

wish me™ makes giving and receiving gift cards a personal experience. 

With wish me™ around, you won’t have to deal with closets full of unopened gifts. Instead, you will be able to create space for stuff you like. 

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