Nine Creative Alternatives to Birthday Party Loot Bags

birthday loot bag ideas

Nine Creative Alternatives to Birthday Party Loot Bags.

I am going to go on the record and say I hate loot bags. Not to mention, thinking of awesome loot bag idea (s) is a chore in itself.

I really don’t like having to make them, I don’t like when my kids bring them home, I don’t like what they represent.

Don’t we moms have enough stuff in our houses without having to bring in more cheap plastic toys from the local Dollar Store that will be lost or broken within 48 hours?

And, dare I ask, when did being invited to a party become not enough?

Kid’s parties today are way more awesome than when I was a 7-year-old playing Duck Duck Goose in an unfinished basement and eating boiled hotdogs and potato chips. Now there are indoor playgrounds, escape rooms, trampolines, and magicianams.

However, I understand that loot bags are a part of the package, and I’m by no means suggesting the kids leave the birthday party empty-handed. But there has to be a better way. A way that doesn’t involve super-duper bouncy balls, cheap plastic toys and sticky candy.

But also a way that keeps it relatively inexpensive. When you’re inviting a whole class of kindergarteners to your house, it can add up quickly. Here are some birthday party loot bags idea (s) that you will love.

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loot bag idea #1: A Package of Homemade Cookies

If you love to bake whip up a batch of sugar cookies, wrap them in cellophane and tie it up with a ribbon. Add a personalized touch by cutting them out in the shape of your child’s first initial or the age he/she just turned. Who doesn’t like cookies?

birthday party loot bags

loot bag idea #2: Books

Check out the sale bin at your local bookstore. You can often find books for less than $2. If you have the time, write a message inside each cover. This one is my personal favourite loot bag idea.

loot bag idea #3: Grow a Plant

Purchase some tiny plant pots and a package of sunflower seeds. Add a ribbon and voila! Instant loot bag idea!

loot bag idea #4: Paint a Pumpkin

If your child has an autumn birthday, host it at home and make the activity decorating pumpkins. The finished pumpkin is their ‘loot’ to take home. All that kids care about now is to “take” something home and they get to show off their personal creations this way!

loot bag idea pumpkin

loot bag idea #5: Music

Burn a CD with your child’s favourite songs and print out personalized labels for each one. This was was a big loot bag hit back in the day and you can also do a USB with music if you do not like the idea of CD’s ;-)

loot bag idea #6: Gift Card

One of my son’s favourite gifts to bring home from a party was a $5 gift card to Dairy Queen. But don’t limit yourself to ice cream, a bookstore, toy store or movie theatre gift card are all guaranteed to be used at some point. (This works best for very small parties). Tip: for loot bag ideas, ask your child what his/her friends are into – do they like to listen to music, read books ? And that will give you a good idea of what gift card to get.

loot bag idea #7: Make it Arty

Sidewalk chalk, crayons, markers, glitter glue…. choose one, tie it up with ribbon, and you’ve just given the gift of creativity. This would be my kid’s favourite loot bag idea because he is our little artist!

loot bag idea #8: Deck of Cards

Do you remember playing cards with your friends as kids? It was hours of fun playing Crazy Eights, Go Fish, and War.

loot bag idea #9: An Outdoor Toy

Keep it simple and active: a ball, kite, frisbee, skipping rope, and even bubbles are all inexpensive but fun.

We’d love to know: What was the most well-received loot bag you ever gave out at a birthday party?

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