DIY Backyard Birthday Party Planning for Busy Moms

backyard birthday party

DIY Backyard Birthday Party Planning for Busy Moms

DIY Backyard Birthday Party

Birthday’s only come around once a year and while it might be a saddening time for you to think about your babies getting older- for your children, it’s a huge memory that helps define their childhood. As you start to think about what you should do this year that’s been different from every other year, you may realize having a home backyard birthday party is a great idea. 

Children's Backyard Birthday Party

pool birthday party

We love the idea of having a home-based backyard birthday party for your children, especially small children. Not only does this allow you ample time to set up, but you also already know the venue size. 

Let’s go over some security measures before we dive into backyard birthday party ideas, food and games. 

1. For those of you who have a pool in the backyard, if you don’t already have one, now is the time to purchase a cover and ensure the cover is secured safe and tight before allowing children into your backyard. Pools cause a huge hazard to children safety. 

2. Check the parameter of your yard and make sure none of your fencing is broken or sharp where children could run into it and cut themselves. If you have barbed-wire around your fence, it might be a good idea to buy small cones and add a cone parameter 4-6 foot (or more!) before the fence. Make a rule to tell the children so they know they aren’t allowed to go past the cones without adults help. 

3. If you have games, have everyone gather together before letting their children run freely into your yard. In this gathering, discuss the party rules and ensure each child has an adult supervising them. 


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What items should I buy for my children’s backyard birthday party?

For some moms, planning the perfect day gets their imaginations soaring. For others, it’s a huge stress and one that doesn’t have balloons with ideas popping out of the sky. Today, we’ve got you covered! 

When faced with the contemplation on what you should or should not purchase for your children’s backyard birthday party we suggest using what you already have and transforming the items into a backyard theme everyone will enjoy.  Not to mention, using items you already have around the house is a nice cost-effective way to ensure you have fun without needing to bust out the credit card! 

Here are some items you might already have around the house: 

• Strollers

• Wagons

• Electronic cars

• Push handle cars

• Remote-control cars

• Rocking horse

• Balls (all sizes welcome)

• Basketball hoop

• Soccer net 

• Plastic Baseball Bat

• Water Guns

• Nurf Gun/Game

• Musical Instruments

Feel free to add anything else you found in your home. Don’t have something, no worries! You can simply barrow from a friend or family member anything you don’t have or want to duplicate. 

What to buy for backyard birthday

DIY Children’s Backyard Birthday Party Theme Ideas

Now that you’ve compiled a list of random things around the house, it’s time to think of a theme, because let’s face it, while utter chaos is fun, organized chaos is even better! 

Backyard children’s birthday themes to consider (using the list of random items from above): 

• Backyard Hoe Down

• Welcome to The Races

• Double Up, Butter Cup

• Bringing the Circus Home

• Sports, Sports and… Shorts!?

While you may not have any of the items from above, get creative and find things that you do have and then bring it to life. Here at wish me we are confident you are more creative than you think. Just remember, your little one will love whatever you put together. 


Children’s Backyard Birthday Party Game Ideas Using At Home Items

We’re going to use the list of random items you found lying around your home and create a few game ideas for you. Going with the list above here are our children’s backyard game ideas: 

IDEA 1 = Strollers + Wagons + Electronic Cars + Push Handle Cars + Remote-Control Cars

Take some old tires, string, or boards you have laying around and create a race track parameter. For the strollers and wagons, adults will need to be the ones racing against each other with their children. Not only are you engaging in your children’s fun but you’re now giving the adults a reason to compete and get a little work-out in #doublewin. 

IDEA 2 = Balls + Basketball Hoop + Soccer Net + Plastic Baseball Bat

Gather a few children together and get a game of basketball or soccer going. If you have a ton of balls with all different sizes, set up a target and teach the children how to throw the ball to hit the target. This helps with developmental motor skills and hand-eye coordination. If they hit the target, have a candy bowl and give them a treat. Another fun children’s game is pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey. This involves a child holding a ball, having a sock tied around their eyes, and spinning them 3 times. When they are done spinning you exchange the ball for the tail and have them stick the tail to a photo of a donkey; remove the blindfold and let them see how close they got. 

IDEA 3 = Water guns

Water guns are a fun way to have your children engage in activities. Kids love to get wet and what better way than to allow them to shoot at parents and other kids in a non-harmful way. If it’s a bit chilly outside and you’re not able to bring out sprinklers, this is a fun alternative. 

games for backyard birthdays

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Backyard Birthday Party Game Ideas for Teens

If you have children that are in the teens age, some of the ideas above would work but some will be a bit to young for teenagers. Let’s go over some fun ideas for teens- without breaking the bank!

For boys, putting together a parents verse kids flag football game is always a good way to keep things fun. 

Setting up a bobbing for apples station in your yard is sure to get you a few hilarious photos. What about having a fish race? Gold fish races are a popular backyard party idea for teens and if you don’t want to keep a bunch of live gold fish, using the snack gold fish and a straw will yield some laughs among both adults and kids. If you have a horse-shoe game or a sacks board, these are fun for both boys and girls. 

Backyard Birthday Party for Adults

We’ve added quite a few fun game ideas on here that can be fun for both kids and adults but if you are having an adult only birthday, we don’t want to leave any ideas out. Planning a backyard birthday party for adults yields a few extra incentives such as being able to add adult beverage games. Without turning this from a PG-13 to an R rated post, we will leave those ideas out. Here are some ideas without using alcoholic beverages for adults: 

• Ring toss

• Hot dog eating contest

• Wheel-barrow race

• Two-legged sack race

• Egg toss 

• Water balloon toss 

• Square hay bale stacking race

• Sing-off contest

• Walking contest (guys race each other in wife’s heels)

backyard birthday pin 6

Having a backyard birthday party is a fun and cost-effective way to gather friends, family, and neighbors together to celebrate. Keep your imagination open and let your mind run wild on all the possibilities you have given the size of your yard. Keep in mind, children 12+ years old and adults won’t need as many games to keep them occupied. Children younger than 12 should have at least 3+ different activities. 


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