Top tips for creating DIY birthday party invitations

Easy to create personal DIY birthday party invitations.
DIY birthday invitations

Here’s How – DIY Birthday Party Invitations

My favourite DIY Birthday Party invitation tool is wish me™ mobile app that lets me send video invitations that are way more personal than store bought invitations or digital invitations found online. With wish me™ you can send photo or video invitations using text or email from your phone! How cool is that? So here’s how you can create your own DIY Birthday Party Invitations – from start to finish.

What to upload onto wish me™ ?

There are a few options of what media you can upload to the  wish me™ app to make your invitation personal and memorable.

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  1. A selfie video thats created in a casual manner inviting your friends and family personally to your party
  2. A professionally taken video thats slightly more formal and “proper”. This is a great idea for a milestone birthday party – 16th birthday party etc.
  3. A picture of a hand drawn DIY birthday party invitation card – kids love to draw and this would be a perfect way to save their creative art

           4. An image that you create on a tool like Canva

Here’s how you can wish me™ to send video invitations and receive video wishes

  1. Download the free event planning and gifting app on your phone.
  2. Go to wish me™ page at
  3. Login with facebook or email to create your first DIY Birthday party invitation.
  4. Click on the balloon to create your first invitation through the app
  5. Upload the video / picture you settled on, add party details and you can easily send it off to your friends and family.

You’re welcome! You are the official owner of a virtual shoebox of all your memories !

That was easy! Your DIY Birthday Party invitations are sent.

DIY Birthday party Invitation with Wish Me

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