Easy Easter Activities for Kids

Easter Activities for Kids

Easy Easter Activities for Kids and Busy Parents

Easter Activties for kids


DIY Easter Activities for Kids and Families

Every year Easter comes around and is such a fun time for kids of all ages and families alike. From decorating eggs, to egg/goody hunts and spending time doing DIY crafts, Easter is a hopping experience your kiddos are sure to remember! Let’s discuss a few Easter activities for kids that you can incorporate into the week before or day of.  

Easter Activities for Kids

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Easter Activities for Kids # 1: Hard Boiled Egg Dyeing

Many families have their own traditions that evolve as generations grow but one that tends to remain in households is coloring eggs. Here’s how you can achieve hard boiled egg dying. 

1. Purchase or use already bought eggs from your local grocer

2. Place a half a dozen or more eggs into a large cooking pot with water

3. Place the cooking pot with the eggs on the burner and let the eggs hard boil

4. While the eggs are boiling, you can start creating your dye by using food coloring mixed with water 

a. To get the water darker or more intense, add more drops of food coloring

5. Once the eggs are boiled, remove them from the heat and let them cool 

6. Using a spoon or hands, dip the eggs into the colored water and then place the eggs in the fridge to settle the color 

That was simple and easy .. wasn’t it? Kids love color and this will become your family’s tradition each Easter. 


Easter Activity for Kids

Easter Activities for Kids # 2: Create your own Egg Wreath

Another fun activity for children and families is to decorate their homes during holiday seasons. A fun way to incorporate Easter into a “Christmas tradition” is by making an Easter Egg Wreath. Don’t be alarmed, we are not going to use real eggs! Instead, we will make this using glue, scissors, construction paper, and paper plates. 

1. Using construction paper, trace an egg shape multiple times until you’ve filled up the construction paper with traced egg shapes

2. You can now have your kids decorate each shape or just simply use the colored paper as the decorations. It might be fun to add some glitter or cotton balls to spruce up their creativity

3. After all decorating has been complete, using scissors, cut each shape from the construction paper

4. Now it’s time to grab your paper plate. Trace a circle about 2 inches from the outside rim

5. Cut the circle out of the paper plate so you have a paper circle with no center. This will be the base for your wreath

6. Take the glue and glue each of your decorated eggs onto the wreath base and you now have an egg wreath to hand around the house or on house doorknobs! 


Easter Activity for Kids # 3: Create your own bunny face

The bunny face activity is a fun activity for younger children and it is like the wreath above however, instead of decorating construction paper you’ll want to use cotton balls. 

Tools needed include a paper plate, construction paper (for the ears), cotton balls, glue and scissors. A popsicle stick is optional. 

1. Trace a circle about 2 inches from the outside rim of your paper plate and then cut that circle out

2. Using glue, glue cotton balls onto the circle to form the fluffy bunny hair

3. Using the construction paper, trace two bunny shape ears and cut that out 

4. Using the glue, glue the ears to the back of the paper plate at the top so when you place the mask over your face, ears are above your head

5. Optional – glue a popsicle stick to the bottom of the face as a holding utensil so hands do not get in the way of your cute funny faces! 

Easter Activities for Kids

While these are just a few ideas you can use for your family to do the day of Easter or as an activity a day for the week prior, use your imagination and come up with fun things that won’t break the bank. 

All 3 of these ideas hopefully can be completed by using things you may already have around your home. Have fun and be sure to take a lot of photos! 

One great way to share those photos is by creating a wish me holiday card to send to all your family members using the images from these crafts. wish me is an app that allows families to share fun photos in the form of greeting cards, party invitations, holiday cards, and more! If you’ve not already downloaded it from your app store, download it today. 


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