Frequently Asked Questions

Wish Me mobile app is a social event invitations and gifting app that allows you to send invitations with personal video messages and receive personal wishes in return.

Wish Me app is free to download and use. Spread the word.

Wish Me mobile app is available in the apple store for download. We are working very hard to bring the app to Android and Web as well.

Wish Me app is available in Canada only. We are working on releasing the mobile app in the US and other countries.

Yes. Wish Me app is available for iPhone users. Once the app is downloaded, you will be able to create personalized event invitations and send greetings and gifts through the app

Absolutely. Even though your guests might not have the app, they can open up the event invitation on a web browser and RSVP to your event.

Wish Me app can be used to create invitations for any kind of event.

  • Using Wish Me will allow users to create personal event invitations using pictures and videos
  • Users that have downloaded the Wish Me app are also able to send and receive personal greetings instead of traditional greeting cards
  • Wish Me event invitations and greetings are stored on the cloud and you can access them anytime from your phone
  • Wish Me lets you create your wish list of your favourite shopping destinations, making gift giving simple for your guests and saving you time and money so you can buy your perfect gift
  • Wish Me stores all your received gift cards within the app so you can use them at your convenience, online or in store.

You will be able to select gift cards from the event host’s wish list after creating a personal greeting for them.

Please select the wish list option located at the bottom of the screen and click on the heart sign by your favourite stores to add them to the wish list. Your guests will be able to see your wish list if there are any gift cards selected.

Absolutely not. You can choose to give a gift through the Wish Me along with a greeting or just send a greeting without a gift card selected.

You may send invitations through email or text messages from the Wish Me app.

Simply email us the store name you would like to see on the stores list within the app. You can email us at

Just like an email or text message, you cannot delete the greeting after you send it but you may contact the host and ask them to dis-approve it so it does not show up on the greetings page for the event.

You can only view the greetings on the app. We are working towards adding the download greeting feature for the next version of the app.

No, we do not store any credit card information as its private to you.

Yes, we do show your transaction records within the app so you can go back in history and reference previous transactions.

The host will be able to see the greeting within the app and the gift card will be delivered to them via the app and to their email.

You can use the gift codes online or in store while shopping.

Users are able to use VISA or Mastercard for the purchase of gift cards through Wish Me.

You can email us at with your questions or suggestions for improvement.

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