The Only Gift Guide You Will Ever Need To Make Kids You Love Feel Special

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If you love buying gifts for the kids in your life, you are going to love our guide that has gift ideas for kids of all ages.

Getting gift ideas for my kids is easy as they come in the form of requests every week! 

And when I get those requests, I note down the toys and stuff they are interested in. And end up buying them on sale on Amazon. 

This gift buying process is not so easy for kids I do not know that well. By that I mean my friends’ kids or my kids’ friends. 

As I am the primary gift buyer and giver in my family, I am also the most confused when it comes to buying presents for other kids. What I truly needed was a wish-list for gift ideas. I am building that within the “wish me app”. But for now, here are some suggestions that I have collected over time from my kids, their friends and kids of parents I know. 

And to make your life easier, I present to you a gift guide for kids of all ages. Hopefully this will help you through-out the year as your kids are invited to birthday parties. If I have missed anything please write to me here and let me know. 

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gift ideas for kids

Gift Ideas for Babies (1 month - 11 months)

Personal opinion – babies are the easiest to shop for! Cute outfits, gift cards for Amazon, gift cards for Walmart, adorable photo frames, more gift cards.. :) 

You are really shopping for the parents of the baby at this stage 🎊

Here are some suggestions that I have for your next baby gift purchase. Buying from Amazon is quick and easy with the Prime Membership.

If you are starting to plan your a child’s birthday party, read our tips on how to create starting with a birthday party vision board. 

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Gift Ideas for Toddlers (1 year - 3 years)

I have to admit – buying for toddlers is not so bad either – they still like to parallel play and like bright colours and sounds. They want to play with EVERYTHING – baby toys and big kid toys. Their favourite toy is a phone (adult phones). I always recommend asking the parents what their toddlers need or what toy their parents saving up for. The toy could be a balance bike or a playhouse. 

I always recommend gift cards so parents can buy whatever they like, when they like. However, here are a few more toddler toy suggestions if you just don’t have the time to “go shopping”. 

It’s the perfect time to plan a backyard birthday. More ideas here.

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gift ideas for kids

Gift Ideas for Pre-Schoolers (3 years - 6 years)

From my experience gift ideas for pre-schoolers or kids between the ages of 3 years and 6 years, are a bit tricky. At this age, kids either like an activity or they don’t. They are also very curious and love to explore and get dirty. The activities that always seems to work in my home at any age (especially this age) are crafts, art and reading. 

Here are some ideas for gifts for this age group. And if you do not like any suggestion from the list below, you can always buy a gift card to give them the choice of buying their gift when they want ! 

Gift suggestions for school-age children (6 years - 12 years)

While toddlers and preschoolers need constant supervision, school-age children become gradually ready for more independence. I especially love giving gift cards for this age because they like choosing their gifts. However I have found that kids between the ages of 6 and 12 years also like experimenting, learning and creating more complex projects. Arts and crafts also remain a favourite for this age group. Here are some ideas to help you pick the perfect gift for a school-age child in your life. 

gift ideas for kids

Gift Ideas for Teenagers

Research from the Child Development Institute shows that a positive family environment including fun family activities leads to independence and confidence in a teenager.

Therefore, depending on the various activities teenagers are interested in, we are not always able to give them gifts that are perfect for them. 

It’s advisable to even ask them what they want as gifts and buy them gift cards for those or simply hand them cash with a loving note. Not surprisingly, the best gift ideas come from conversations with our kids and asking them simple questions. 

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Cash is King or Queen!

Ultimately, after a certain age, kids love receiving gift cards and cash. And also look forward to spending quality time with parents, aunts and uncles. This can be easily accomplished with mall shopping dates. They can also put to use the gift cards that you gave them. Gift carts also give them the ability to donate the cash or give it to a cause they believe in. 

Overall, giving gift cards also makes it easier and fun to plan “shopping dates” with kids so we can spend some quality time with them. This is especially important for aunts and uncles that love the kids in their life. . 

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