Top Tips, For Frugal Moms, On Hosting Creative Birthday Parties On A Budget

birthday planning on budget

Creative Birthday Party Ideas When You're On a Tight Budget

planning birthdays on a tight budget

Planning a birthday party within budget helps your child value simplicity

We all want to give our kids fond memories of their birthdays but does that mean we have to take out a second mortgage in order to do it? Absolutely not. 

One thing I’ve learned in my 11 years of throwing birthday parties is that young kids are just as happy with simplicity as they are with extravagant. What do they want after all? Pizza and cake ;) 

Budget Tip # 1: Download our FREE birthday party check-list to start planning

The best way to create  that birthday party under a particular budget is to follow a plan. This should be the number 1 tip but its never its never too late to start doing this. This will help you stay on track. You can download it below by signing up. 

Grab your FREE birthday party checklist NOW!

Budget Tip # 2: Host your birthday at home to save $$$

Yes, it can be chaotic but if you keep it on the smaller side and enlist the help of a few friends or family members, you can create an amazing party personalized to your child’s personality. And it doesn’t need to be over-the-top. 

My son’s favourite party was a Nerf Gun war in the park across the street from our house. On the invite we asked kids to bring any Nerf Guns they had at home. We invested in a couple of packages of Nerf bullets. Throw in a few giant freezies, hot dogs, and juice, and the entire party cost less than $75. 

cheap birthday party ideas

Budget Tip # 3: Use wish me app for sending your personal invitations. It's free.

Skip buying paper invites and use the wish me app from to create a one of a kind video invitation to your child’s next party. Not only can you receive back personalized video responses, your guests can purchase a gift for your child through the app. wish me app will let you save all the greetings, invitations and gift cards you receive within the app so it makes for a virtual shoebox of memories for your child. What greater gift can you give them? 

The messages from guests can be replayed as many times as they want after the party – and the gift cards can be used from your phone so you never forget to use one again. 

The wish-list within the app lets you favourite your most visited stores so guests know easily which gift cards you want and you receive them with a video / photo message from the guest – making the whole experience memorable for everyone involved. 

Plus you can feel good knowing that it’s also good for the environment. 


Budget Tip 4 # Don't plan the party around a mealtime ;)

Skip the lunch and dinner hour parties and host it mid-afternoon, that way guests don’t expect a full meal and you can serve snacks instead. Snacks are way more fun – this can include pizza and fruit and no one will complain. You can also make kiddie sized smoothies at home and serve in small cups. This makes for a healthy alternative to “juice boxes” – You can buy your bulk frozen fruit from Costco for cheap.

Home birthday party ideas

Budget Tip 5# Make your own cake

Baking your own cake at home is much cheaper than buying it from a store but even if you aren’t much of a baker, you can be creative and make a donut cake or a large cake made from multiple cupcakes! Simply buy a dozen donuts or cupcakes and arrange them on a tiered cake stand, add a few candles and voila! Instant cake. 

There are tons of cake ideas on our Pinterest page. Check those out. Also check out other birthday party hacks here.

True Story: I once served a McCain cake for my son’s party. He asked for it again the following year.  


Grab your FREE birthday party checklist NOW!

Budget Tip #6: Plan a craft or two!

Not only will this make the party interactive and keep the kids busy, you can skip the loot bags at the end. You can find some craft ideas on our Pinterest page. And if you have to have the loot bags – check out our post about 9 alternatives to loot bags.

Budget Tip #7: Borrow what you need. People love to give.

When my younger son was three I thought it would be a great idea to have a chocolate fountain at his party but I wasn’t about to buy one so I borrowed it from a friend for the day. Use your mom network to borrow what you need. And anything you do need to buy, save it so you can use it again or lend it out to a mom in need. There are so many mom groups online – find one thats local to you and ask and give! It helps everyone. And make sure you share this post with them so they can also find ways to save for birthday parties and plan with that awesome checklist you just downloaded. 

Also, you should know that giving three-year-olds open access to a chocolate fountain doesn’t end well. Lesson learned. 

how to plan birthdays on a budget

Let us know how these tips helped you and if we can include any other tips you might have for creating amazing birthdays for our kids on a budget. Happy Planning!! 


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