Our Son’s Sixth Birthday — a revelation!

From Little baby to Big boy…

How do they grow up so fast ? I want to hold him forever — he is so dear to me.. my love, my baby. I realized on his sixth birthday that he will be attending grade one in September. Yes, this September. He was just a newborn yesterday. Oh how I miss the baby cuddles and baths. No, I do not miss the sleepless nights — don’t get me wrong — but I wish I could feel the same new baby love that I felt a few years ago. How do we get those feelings back?

His sixth birthday weekend…

His sixth birthday was different. He wanted nothing to do with a big party! All he wanted was a movie date with his two best buddies. No, his little 2 year old brother was not included in that boy gang!

When we asked him what he wanted for his birthday present, all he asked for was books and toys. Dinosaur books and Dinosaur toys. And of course a trip to the amusement park. And a movie date with his boy gang. Pretty simple for a six year old!

We knew that some family and friends would want to wish him anyway — on the phone or in person. So we took calls all day on his birthday and also hosted a dinner party for close family. When our guests asked me what my son wanted for his birthday (his wish list), as his official accountant (his mom), I requested gift cards to his favourite stores (Toys R Us and Chapters) so he can pick his own toys and books. With gift cards, not only does my son learn the value of money but also takes part in the exchange of money and stuff! And bonus: I save time by not making trips to the mall to return gifts we will not use!

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As requested we received gift cards which makes me really happy. But, we also received greeting cards. I do not like to give or receive greeting cards. I know this sounds really cold but I have my reasons. Listen Up….My son does not really care for greeting cards. Seeing his family and friends is enough for him. He never asks to read those cards after the party. Neither do I. I do not remember the last time someone actually wrote something personal in a greeting card. Greeting cards have become an accessory to the packaging for the gift. Or storage for gift cards.

So I end up throwing them out. With guilt.

On a happier note, my husband and I gave him seasons passes to an amusement park. Yep all season. At his beck and call. Pretty much. I know exactly what he needs / wants at this stage of his life and that qualifies me to give him an actual gift. Because he will not return it or re-gift it. I guess that is a parent’s privilege. Let’s see how long this lasts :S

Anyhow, back to the main topic — my son’s birthday weekend celebrations! The next day, I took him and his two grown up friends (8 and 10) to watch Jungle Book! My son loved the movie and so did I ! What an amazing birthday for him and his mom HA HA

Change is Great…

So his sixth birthday came and went and I am happier that I do not have any gifts to return or re-gift and my house is birthday gift clutter free. It’s a first for us.

I am not sure what he will want for his seventh birthday but I have a year to figure that one out!


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