The Beginning

Bhavna Sehgal, Founder & CEO of wish me™ created wish me™ mobile app to help busy party hosts and guests create memories from their most cherished moments with ease and grace. 

Bhavna, a busy mom of two boys, spent hours creating the perfect invitations and buying perfect greeting cards and gifts for the people in her life. Too often however, she realized, that invitation and greeting cards were not meaningful enough to cherish forever and gifts she had painstakingly selected were not always wanted or appreciated.

Bhavna decided to create wish me™ so busy party hosts and guests would be able to send fun and heartfelt messages during events and share those messages with loved ones after the event was over. This has proven especially meaningful for people who are unable to attend the function for some reason. They can still relay their warm wishes and create a meaningful memory for the guest of honor in their absence.

Host a baby shower with wish me™

Is someone special in your life having their first baby?

Celebrate their milestone moment with Family & friends and share your happiness with the people that mean the most.

wish me™ allows you to do with easily with the style and grace befitting of the moment. Send personable video invitations, rather than the standard paper or commercialized on-line options and truly WOW your guests using wish me™. 

Help them pick the perfect gift for your baby by clicking on the stores you need to shop at for your bundle of joy.

Bonus! Guests can opt to forward personal photos or video wishes to accompany the gift card they have selected from the Gift Card Registry.

At wish me™, our goal is to create lasting moments that matter for everyone involved, guests, hosts and the guests of honour!

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Celebrate birthdays with wish me™

We love birthdays! Kids love being involved in all the planning – what better way than to have them create their own invitation video?

And wish me™ is for adults as well. With wish me™ you can easily create a virtual shoebox of all your digital invitations and wishes from every milestone moment in your life.

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Personalize wedding invitations with wish me™

Your life is made of milestones and moments. As you celebrate each moment that matters most to you, wish me™ captures, amplifies and preserves it from beginning to end. 

Send a personal and meaningful wedding invitation that shares the depth of your love and devotion to each other with all of your friends and loved ones. 

Download the wish me™ app to send your first video invitation and wow your guests with your creativity, in the most genuine form.

Tag us #wishme_app to share your special invitation and wishes videos and photos with us.

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