The Beginning

Bhavna Sehgal, Founder & CEO of wish me™ created wish me™ mobile app to help busy party hosts and guests create memories from their most cherished moments with ease and grace. 

Bhavna, a busy mom of two boys, spent hours creating the perfect invitations and buying perfect greeting cards and gifts for the people in her life. Too often however, she realized, that invitation and greeting cards were not meaningful enough to cherish forever and gifts she had painstakingly selected were not always wanted or appreciated.

Bhavna decided to create wish me™ so busy party hosts and guests would be able to send fun and heartfelt messages during events and share those messages with loved ones after the event was over. This has proven especially meaningful for people who are unable to attend the function for some reason. They can still relay their warm wishes and create a meaningful memory for the guest of honor in their absence.

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Our Team

wish me™ has been a team effort from the start. The most important team in Bhavna’s life is her family. They have been instrumental in testing and being first users of the wish me app. 

Bhavna is working with a team of talented designers, developers, testers, videographers etc. to bring wish me™ to life and continuously improving the experience. She has established partnerships with true professionals to bring the best event planning and gifting experience to wish me™ customers. 

Bhavna speaks about gifting, party planning and many other topics of interest in her online community regularly. To join, simply send a request to the community here.

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