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Everything you need to know to plan a teddy bear birthday party

Everything you need to know about planning a teddy bear birthday party is here.... read on....

Aside from clothes, most people think of toys or stuffed animals to give to a new mother or a small child. Teddy bears are an instant attraction. Not only are they soft and cuddly, but they also provide a sense of warmth, love, and affection. All great things to think about when you are trying to decide what your themed bridal shower party or first birthday party should represent. Have you considered planning a teddy bear birthday party while your child still enjoys them? 

A teddy bear birthday theme party is a fun way to incorporate youth, warmth, love and affection into your next gathering. Here are a few ways to make your teddy bear theme party stand out above the rest! 

Teddy Bear Party Invitations

Invitations for any party should be personal as it displays emotion to guests and sets the mood for the party even before guests RSVP or shop for gifts and attend the party. 

Personal invitations also keep the party planner (you) engaged and excited. 

The Wish Me app is the perfect app to send personal video invitations for any party, get together, social outing..and even picnics. 

You can either design an invite (if you have the time), upload the picture on the app and send it or you can get your child to invite guests on video and upload the video to the Wish Me invite. #wishmeparty

This will not only add the personal touch but will become a memory for your family to enjoy for years to come. So if you have your child’s birthday outfit ready, dress ’em up and send a cute video invitation to their teddy bear birthday party. This is probably the best way to start creating birthday memories for your child…. They will thank you when they are older. 

And if you have your child’s outfit ready, you can even add a special touch and dress them up before making a quick invitation video for the invites. And to learn about what else you can do with the Wish Me app you can see some videos here: 

How to add Teddy Bears to Party Food and Decor

To keep your party on theme, it’s a great idea to add teddy bear shaped party food to your menu. If you’re planning on having a fruit basket, instead opt to connect fruit in the shape of bears. Interested in having candy? Add gummy bears to your party menu and you leave the guess work out of recreating bears!

Having finger foods is a great way to keep your guests mingling and eating. Sandwiches are a fan favourite for finger food options. #toocutetoeat

All images below are inspired by a quick search on Pinterest! Pinterest is truly an amazing source of inspiration for ideas.

teddy bear birthday
teddy bear birthday
teddy bear birthday
teddy bear birthday
teddy bear birthday

Not just birthdays... Teddy bear birthday themes can be used for other party themes...

A fun way to keep your teddy bear themed party unique is to incorporate a theme with your teddy bear décor. Are you going on a picnic? Maybe a trip to the ocean? Once you’ve decided on what your teddy bear is going to do, you can incorporate that into the decorations and table settings. This adds a fun flare for all age ranged guests and keeps the youthful and loving side to the teddy bear theme. 

teddy bear birthday party

Having finger foods is a great way to keep your guests mingling and eating. Sandwiches are a fan favourite for finger food options. 

Using your child’s stuffed toys to decorate the room can add so much cuteness to the party that your guests won’t stop taking pictures. 

And adding teddy bear confetti to the main table will also add a cute touch to your decorations.

Many party stores will have teddy bear shaped statement balloons that you can buy and decorate with. 

Find amazing deals for party supplies at:

As you can see, getting creative with your theme + your menu choices and turning them into theme worthy food creations, can really keep your party on point with its theme and keep your guests intrigued. 


Teddy Bear Birthday Party Game Ideas

When your’e hosting a birthday party for a small child, games might not be on your mind. Usually first birthday parties are all about trying to see who can pass the baby around the most and lots of photos. In that case, the Wish Me app is a great way to take photos at your big day and share them with family in a fun-themed way. 

However, if you do have time to play games here are some fun game ideas for adults and kids alike…. Let us know what you think. Tag #wishmeparty


Teddy Bear Birthday Party Game Idea # 1 : Teddy Musical Chairs

For those who are creating a teddy bear themed baby shower, games are a must. A fun ice-breaker to get the games going and guests involved is a rendered version of musical chairs. 

Here’s how it works: 

Objective – Play music and pull a chair away with each round so there are 1 more people than there are chairs. Play only one round and show the guests a box that appears to be a lingerie box. Tell the guest that the person who loses the round must model the teddy for the entire crowd.  

Instructions – Grab a lingerie box and put a teddy bear (not a teddy) inside it. Once the round loser is given the box, they’ll open it only to find a teddy bear and not lingerie. Whew! 


Teddy Bear Birthday Party Game Idea # 2: Pin the Bear

For toddlers a fun game is pin the tail on the donkey. In this version, it will be pin the bow on the bear. 

Here’s how it works: 

Objective – Blindfold kids and spin them once or twice. They must then take the bow to the bear in the correct spot. 

Instructions – Create a large bear image poster. Using a bow tie, add take to the back of it or with Velcro. Blindfold the children with a sock or scarf and spin them in a circle twice. Have them then walk to try and put the bow tie on the bear in the correct spot. 

As you can see, no matter what you choose to do for your party, a teddy bear theme is a great choice for all age ranges. Once you have a few ideas in mind on what you’d like to do, get creative by recreating menu, games, and party gifts with the teddy bear theme. 


Teddy Bear Birthday Party Supplies

A really good idea is to make a vision board for your party and use images in this post or a search on Pinterest for Ideas and add them to the vision board. This will help you determine what supplies you need to plan and host your birthday party. 

We recommend buying your supplies from Wholesale Party Supply Store as you will get a wide variety and great quality. To get free shipping you can use the promo code SUMMER 75. 


And if you are like me, you use AMAZON for everything 🙂 In that case here are some suggestions for Teddy Bear Themed Party Supplies from Amazon. 

After the party...

All the planning will pay off…. Make sure to download our birthday party planning check-list  by subscribing to our email-list and tag @wishme_app on insta to show us your creations! We might even feature you on our feed 🙂


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