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Why you need to create menu cards to get organized at parties!

Party Menu Cards - yes they are very important. Here's why.

Who would have thought that party menu cards were this important. I spent many years planning parties off the cuff, without any planning (or considerable planning). I even forgot dishes / camera / chargers etc. Then over time as I learnt that planning is key to hosting a successful event, I started to gather knowledge about how to plan, hacks, check-lists etc. In fact, I created this checklist just for you. It has SAVED me time and again. 


And the biggest reason I make party menu cards now at ALL my parties is that it keeps me on track! I never forget a dish or groceries anymore (There’s a check-list for that too). In fact I have a check-list for everything that I plan – parties included. 

party menu cards

1. Party Menu Cards - they help you plan the party efficiently

Who doesn’t need more efficiency and time savings in their lives? We all do. Having menu cards at parties helps you the planner make sure you have all the options available on time. You can even take one menu card and use it for yourself by making notes about when to bring those dishes out etc. 

To download a sample menu card simply enter your email address and we will send you one right away!! 

2. Party Menu Cards - they make choices very simple for kids and parents !

And kids love them. So do parents. It helps parents replicate the experience kids have at restaurants. And both my kids have asked for menus at home. So this is their chance to order off the menu at home. ha ha. It’s truly a win win for everyone. And it’s so simple to make filling out the choices also a game / activity at a birthday party. It would easily eat up 15-20 minutes depending on the size of the party. So at your next party try getting the kids to check the menu options they want. See their reaction! 

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party menu cards

3. Party Menu Cards - they help you avoid messes!

And the most practical reason for having these menu cards is that they help you decrease clean up time. With these menu cards you can now track who ordered which item (Tip: Don’t forget to name them) and serve directly from the kitchen to the table without having to lay out all the menu options on the table. Now that’s a huge no no when it comes to kids. 

There was a time kids at my son’s 8th birthday decided to throw fries across the table as a game!! It’s a good thing I was not responsible for clean-up at that venue. 

organize party

4. Party Menu Cards - they add a special touch to your planning!

And if your goal is to stand out with planning, this is exactly what you want to do!! It’s so easy to create a menu card on a tool like Canva. And if you do not have the time to, ask us.. We will do it for you. Simply contact us by requesting access to our community. You can also follow us on Instagram and DM for any inquiries. 

5. Party Menu Cards - now you can have some fun with them!

And if you are a creative mama, you probably always want to add those extra touches! You ca personalize these menu cards with options for gluten free, dairy free items as well. And add funny quotes or pictures on each one to have a laugh! 

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Top Reasons Busy Moms Are Using Vision Boards For Planning Birthday Parties

Planning Parties: 7 Reasons Busy Moms Use Vision Boards

Planning a party can be chaotic. In this blog, we discuss how our resident expert Sabrina Cadini simplifies this chaos.

Sabrina has over two decades of experience planning events and has two businesses where she not only helps event planners professionally but also busy professionals to plan their own parties - weddings, birthdays etc.

vision boards for party planning

Sabrina Says

In this video Sabrina talks about the top 7 reasons why using vision boards for planning any event is important. Planning a party is a project and no one wants to see their project go over time or over budget and vision boards help with both those concerns.

Grab your FREE birthday party checklist NOW!

1. What is a vision board? It is a tool that helps you realize your vision for any party that you want to plan. It also helps to create a consistent look for your party… a story for your event. 

2. Vision boards are not catalogues

3. In comparison to Pinterest, vision boards are more organized and please the eye. 

4. Best tools for creating vision boards – 3D vision boards are the best and convey the feeling effectively.

 5. For moms, Canva is a great tool for creating vision boards for planning birthday parties and other family events – house warming, easter get togethers.

6. Creating vision boards for planning parties could take 1 week – 1 month, depending on how extensive the vision is

7. Vision boards for planning parties are FUN to create. 

Watch the video to watch Sabrina talk about vision boards! 


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