Unique Ideas for a Unicorn Birthday Party

unicorn birthday party ideas

Why I hosted a Unicorn Birthday Party ?

Well…. Who doesn’t need more magic in their lives? Or the feeling of magic and miracles? Unicorns are the perfect mystical animal to bring that feeling of magic and beauty to our lives and kids love them!! I do feel that girls embrace the idea of unicorns more than boys (in general)… 
I was picking up my 8 yo son from his friend’s popcorn birthday party and his parents included a unicorn by adding a unicorn pinata to the party games! What a brilliant idea!

unicorn birthday party

How to Start Planning a Unicorn Birthday Party...

Having a unicorn themed party is like having a dream but you’re in reality. It’s the best of both worlds! Having increased in popularity over the last few years, a unicorn themed party is a popular choice. 

From rainbows to pink and gold glitter, the sky’s the limit with your décor. And because unicorns are unique and mystical, they are a perfect match for a dreamy birthday girl / boy. 

Creating a unicorn themed party is similar to creating a party for any other event. The only difference is the décor you choose and color pallets.

Let’s touch base on a few tried and tested ideas for a true one-of-a-kind unicorn themed party. 

Unicorn Birthday Party Invitations

Keep your party budget friendly by skipping traditional send in the mail invitations or template based invitations and create a personal and fun video invitation instead. Using the Wish Me app you can now create or upload videos from your phone (or pictures) and send those fun invitations via email or text to your friends. 

How fun would it be to dress your lil one as a unicorn and then have them invite friends over to celebrate their birthday? Upload your invitations and tag us at @wishme_app on twitter and Instagram to tell us how awesome this was for you and a chance to be featured on our page. 

Enchanting Décor

Decoration is what takes an ordinary party and makes it a themed party. There are lots of ideas out there but being creative with décor never goes out of style. A unicorn theme includes colours like shades of pinks, purples, shimmering blues, silvery details and rainbow hues. 

Check out our Pinterest page for more ideas on how to decorate for a Unicorn birthday party.

Purchasing streamers, shaped balloons, colorful plates and utensils becomes really easy at the local Dollar store. And make sure to re-use as many decorative supplies as you can when you are planning for other themes in the future. 

For those of you who like a DIY project, buy a piece of fabric, glitter markers or glue and create a party backdrop like those you see at the red carpet. This will make party images unique and truly memorable. Purchasing a backdrop of this sort can cost upwards of $100 if you choose to not do it yourself. And you won’t even break the bank to get this amazing mystical look.


Unique Accessories and Games

A funky head band or a sparkly hat are some of the best accessories for guests and the party girl or boy to wear for their unicorn birthday party. Another fun idea is to have an area where the guests can use washable hair dye and color their hair to match the birthday theme. And you are gonna have to supply them with a permission slip ;) 

Tell your guests to show up in dresses or fun colors for the day to stay on theme. For those who like a DIY project, purchase white t-shirts and create a t-shirt to give to each guest to wear for the day. How fun! 

Unicorn Birthday Menu Selection

If you want to have a cake, choose to have cupcakes instead. With cupcakes, you can add food coloring to your cupcake recipe which adds a unique touch to keep on point with party colors. Fruit kabobs are a great choice as they are simple and full of nutrients for your guests. The food selection for a unicorn themed party is quite easy. As long as you have unicorn colors for your cutlery, you can have any kind of food available! 

Unicorn Birthday Party Drinks

Instead of purchasing a bunch of soda for guests, have a rainbow selection of kool-aid drinks! This keeps the colors alive and gives many options for kids to choose from. Another option is to create a punch for kids made with lemonade and fruit cut ups like strawberries, blueberries, cranberries and grapes! 

For the adults at the party, you can serve a fountain of Loco Unicorn which is a combination of coconut water, grenadine, curacao liquor and rum. Another drink loved by the adults is the Unicorn Kisses drink. Unicorn Kisses is a combination of raspberry vodka, strawberry lemonade, grenadine and edible glitter. 

With the help of these suggestions, your unicorn themed party is sure to go off with a hit! 


Please tag us on Instagram and tell us how your Unicorn Birthday Party went ! And if you need other ideas for different themes go back to our blog at www.wishme.io/blog

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