Top Reasons Busy Moms Are Using Vision Boards For Planning Birthday Parties

Planning Parties: 7 Reasons Busy Moms Use Vision Boards

Planning a party can be chaotic. In this blog, we discuss how our resident expert Sabrina Cadini simplifies this chaos.

Sabrina has over two decades of experience planning events and has two businesses where she not only helps event planners professionally but also busy professionals to plan their own parties - weddings, birthdays etc.

vision boards for party planning

Sabrina Says

In this video Sabrina talks about the top 7 reasons why using vision boards for planning any event is important. Planning a party is a project and no one wants to see their project go over time or over budget and vision boards help with both those concerns.

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1. What is a vision board? It is a tool that helps you realize your vision for any party that you want to plan. It also helps to create a consistent look for your party… a story for your event. 

2. Vision boards are not catalogues

3. In comparison to Pinterest, vision boards are more organized and please the eye. 

4. Best tools for creating vision boards – 3D vision boards are the best and convey the feeling effectively.

 5. For moms, Canva is a great tool for creating vision boards for planning birthday parties and other family events – house warming, easter get togethers.

6. Creating vision boards for planning parties could take 1 week – 1 month, depending on how extensive the vision is

7. Vision boards for planning parties are FUN to create. 

Watch the video to watch Sabrina talk about vision boards! 



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